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For over thirty-five years, thousands of clients have relied on TechTeam Solutions for rigidly adherent, process-driven office moving services. Our three favorite words are Stable, Predictable and Anywhere! You want them to be yours as well. Below are a few case studies that demonstrate our exceptional service to our clients.


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Client Issue: A major online travel company wanted to upgrade its workstations with custom cabling and universal desks. It was a big job, with 1,300 workstations covering 12 floors—and it needed to be done quickly.

Our Approach: TechTeam Solutions planned carefully to minimize disruption. Old cables were removed, sorted, stored, or eCycled, and all trash was removed. New cables were neatly bundled and connected to IT equipment.

Results: The task was completed in one week, with all IT equipment reconnected, tested, and operating correctly.


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Client Issue: A large financial services firm was ready to bring its employees back into the office after months of working from home. However, they needed 700 workstations reconnected and new equipment installed in three days.

Our Approach: After all new IT equipment was unboxed and placed, TechTeam Solutions performed the reconnection with well-organized cable management. All equipment and connections were tested to ensure smooth operation.

Results: Employees returned to an office with new equipment up and running from day one, ensuring business continuity.


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Client Issue: A national healthcare company was remodeling and needed IT equipment and furniture labeled, moved, stored, and replaced as each floor’s remodel was complete. They also needed new furniture.

Our Approach: Working floor-by-floor, items were labeled, with locations photographed and documented. Next, IT was disconnected, and items were packed and stored by floor. Furniture was replaced and IT was reconnected one floor at a time.

Results: TechTeam Solutions coordinated with all vendors to ensure a successful remodel. End users returned to operational workstations, and our client was happy.


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Client Issue: Our client, a bank, needed assistance with several IT elements, including new equipment installation, PC disconnect, move and reconnect, and data cabling for phones.

Our Approach: The Tech Lead arrived first to create an inventory of IT items. Next, one team disconnected PCs, and another placed and unboxed new items per station. A third crew reconnected items, following a template for placement.

Results: By implementing a clear, organized process, we were able to ensure all equipment was operational quickly, leading to a great business relationship and a repeat client.


Whole Foods logo

Client Issue: A popular grocer was moving and needed to relocate nearly 3,000 workstations in six buildings with multiple floors. The job included PC disconnection, reconnection, and cable management.

Our Approach: Multi-phase project planning was required, including inventory, phased disconnection, prep for relocation, packing, moving, re-connecting in the new location, and coordinating with crews.

Results: The project was successfully completed in phases over two and a half months. Teams were fully operational as they moved into their new spaces, and the customer became a repeat client.


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Client issue: Trophy Club Police and Fire Department were relocating from two older buildings into one new building and needed assistance with IT moves. Due to emergency operations, time frames required strategic scheduling.

Our approach: Our Tech Lead arrived early to take inventory of items prior to each move. Each crew followed a staggered system, prioritizing movement for as little downtime as possible.

Results: TechTeam Solutions was honored to serve first responders and completed the job on time. The Chief presented our Tech Manager with a Challenger Coin for success.


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Award-Winning Service

IREM Champion TechTeam

We’re proud to be acknowledged as an IREM Champion

All of the Total Office Solutions family of companies respect IREM and its constituent property managers for the responsibility they have to the building owner and the tenant community. Property Management is a tough and challenging business; IREM members “do it” and make it look easy!

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planet earth award

TechTeam Solutions is proud of its sister company Move Solutions for winning its first ever “Planet Earth” Award

The Office Moving Alliance’s (OMA) 1st Place Sales Award

Move Solutions is a founding partner of OMA: a global office moving industry platform. We’re proud of the many years of growth and our place in the midst of that growth. Thank you to our unbelievable OMA Members around the world!

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TechTeam Solutions In Action. All Systems GO!

IT transition plan, connectivity, bandwidth, cable plant, Cat VI and RJ45s, UPS, AC, server racks, the cloud, cyber security, and a day one disaster and recovery plan the “necessary”. We serve as your knowledgeable pair of hands while you attend to the “necessary”.

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Low-voltage can be your low-hassle! We make cable installation and plenum removal easy.

Complete low-voltage cable plant design and installation services. Complete lease-compliant low-voltage cable removal, including hardware, from suite and plenum.


Clear your clutter with our secure, certified disposal.

It is essential that a plan exists managing what you dispose of relative to security, privacy, and business information. We provide certified disposal of documents and electronic equipment. Once electronic devices have been securely cleared of data, TechTeam Solutions and Move Solutions ensure their environmentally safe disposal.


Equipment receipt, installation, inventory, and more.

Updating your workstations? TechTeam can work with you to provide receiving, storage, and inventory management of your workstations and equipment. Particularly on large projects, we can manage the removal of your old equipment with the receiving, placement and installation of your new equipment


We Are Server Migration Services Specialists.

With years of experience in server relocation, WE have the expertise to carry out YOUR server relocation project flawlessly, freeing you up to take care of other mission-critical tasks related to the planned relocation of your IT systems. We will walk you through the entire process, with a clear plan laid out to make sure you hit all the key milestones in your server relocation checklist. 


Technology equipment is at the center of everything you do!

We are tasked with taking you out of business and trusted to put you back in business. We are experienced in all kinds of office and PC/server relocations. We make sure your move is executed with precision so that your business is up and running at project’s.