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eWaste Disposal

When You Move, Your Technology Moves with You.

TechTeam Solutions has solutions for all your technical moving needs. Have your office up and running after a move with zero glitches.

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Move. Protect. Reconnect.

PC Disconnect/Reconnect and Computer Moving

Your business relies on technology. It’s essential to communicate with customers, deliver products and services, and get work done, so avoiding downtime is critical. At TechTeam Solutions, our PC disconnect/reconnect services ensure your valuable PCs and workstations are protected during your move and set up quickly in your new location, preventing any interruption to your business.

Protect Your Tech

You’ve invested significantly in PCs and connected workstation equipment, so it makes sense to trust your PC relocation to a professional team. TechTeam Solutions ensures your equipment is protected before, during, and after your move. We safely disconnect PCs and workstations, carefully wrap and pack computers, monitors, and connected equipment, organize cables neatly, and label every item.

Move PCs Securely and Efficiently

Whether you’re moving near or far, TechTeam Solutions will get the job done as quickly as possible. We can often complete your entire technology move over the weekend, ensuring workstations are set up and ready to go when employees return on Monday morning. Technology equipment moves have special requirements, and our expert movers are prepared to protect your investment and move things the right way. For example, we use bubble wrap, blanket wrap, and protective crates to cushion fragile items, and our air ride trucks use lifted air suspension for a smoother ride.

Quick PC Reconnect and Reconfigure
All TechTeam Solutions movers are experienced experts in technology relocation. We will reconnect PCs, reconfigure employee workstations, and test all equipment to ensure it is operating correctly. Our professional PC disconnect/reconnect services save time and money by minimizing downtime, preserving business continuity, and freeing up employees’ time to focus on core business tasks—not setting up their computers.
Computer Moving Services
  • Disconnect Computers
  • Reconnect Computers
  • Reconfigure Workstation Computers
  • Cable Organizing
  • Computer Workstation Setup
  • Receive, Stage, and Install Monitor Arms
IT Moving Services - TechTeam Solutions Services
Move IT fast. Move IT right.

IT Moving Services

IT keeps your business moving—but when you’re ready to move to a new location, relocating IT equipment can be a disruption. TechTeam Solutions operates as an extension of your IT department, coordinating and executing every aspect of your move so that your IT team can stay focused on your business operations. Our experienced IT moving professionals understand the value of protecting your equipment, keeping your data secure, and getting your office re-connected quickly.

Protect Equipment and Data
Our IT moving staff can manage everything from PCs and workstations to servers, hard drives, cables, IT, and phone systems. We carefully package IT hardware to protect fragile components and prevent damage, meticulously label all items and organize your move to streamline relocation and set up in your new facility. To protect your equipment during transit, we use air ride trucks, which provide a gentle, cushioned ride.
Quickly Connect IT Systems, Phone Systems, and PCs
We understand that your IT systems are your business’s lifeline. That’s why we are committed to reducing downtime and getting your business up and running as quickly as possible in your new location. In many cases, we can complete your IT move over the weekend, minimizing any interruption to your business.
Supplement Your IT Team
With TechTeam Solutions, there is no need to hire a separate IT consultant to manage your move. Instead, our experienced staff can supplement your IT team and streamline the relocation process. We can provide low-voltage cable installation and testing, IT and phone system testing and scripting, and IT equipment inventory services, as well as project or hourly-based technical management services.
IT Moving Services
  • IT Equipment Receiving
  • IT Inventory
  • IT Unpack and Placement
  • IT Cable Organizing
  • IT Rack Setup
Server Migration Services - TechTeam Solutions Services
Safe. Swift. Secure.

Server Migration Services

Now more than ever, protecting your business’s data is critical. Your servers store key business intelligence, sensitive employee and customer information, and vital data to daily operations. With years of experience in server relocation, TechTeam Solutions has the expertise to carry out your server relocation project flawlessly.

Organized Planning Process
We will listen to your needs, assess your network environment and reconfiguration goals, and develop a plan and timeline to facilitate your server relocation. Our rigid, repeatable process is well documented and verifiable, ensuring no piece of equipment is lost and no detail is missed.
Experienced IT Professionals
TechTeam Solutions is not your typical office moving company. Our IT moving professionals understand the unique requirements of server relocations and have the experience to ensure your migration is smooth, seamless, and successful. In addition to server migration and IT moving services, TechTeam Solutions can also provide hourly or project-based IT services to supplement and support your IT team during your move.
Coordinated, Well-Managed Move
Our team will securely disconnect all servers and IT equipment, pack and protect servers, equipment, and cables, label all items, and organize every aspect of your server migration. Your dedicated project manager will coordinate the process, ensuring all key milestones in your server relocation checklist are reached on time.
Server Relocation Services
  • Cabling Project Design
  • General Contractor Data Cabling Coordination
  • Server Relocation Project Manager
  • Air Ride Transport
Expert Management of Your IT Inventory - New Equipment Receipt & IT Inventory Management - TechTeam Solutions Services
Expert Management of Your IT Inventory

New Equipment Receipt & IT Inventory Management

Your company’s IT equipment is one of its most significant investments—making efficient, accurate IT inventory management crucial. TechTeam Solutions simplifies IT inventory management by providing new equipment receipt, storage, and installation, as well as old equipment disposal.

New Equipment Receipt, Storage, and Installation
Upgrading IT equipment is a big job, especially when your staff is already busy handling day-to-day tasks. TechTeam Solutions can help manage your new IT equipment upgrade, so your IT staff can stay focused on your business. If you are upgrading employee workstations or installing new IT hardware, we can receive and store your new equipment in our warehouse, dispose of old equipment and packaging, and install your new equipment. We also provide first-level function testing of all new equipment on your network, ensuring everything is working smoothly.
Streamlined IT Inventory Management
We work with your IT staff to plan and coordinate receipt, delivery, storage, and technical installation of IT equipment. All equipment is appropriately identified, tagged, and stored within our inventory management system. Our services also include IT equipment disposal with destruction certification, and disposal of new equipment packaging, keeping your workplace clean and organized.
Our IT Team is Your IT Team
Our experienced IT professionals are well-versed in IT equipment installation and IT inventory management. We work as an extension of your IT team and have the experience to handle a wide range of IT projects, including IT moving services, server relocation, low voltage cabling installation and removal, and more. Let us know how we can assist with your next project.
New Equipment Receipt & IT Inventory Management Services
  • New Equipment Receipt
  • IT Equipment Storage
  • New Workstation Setup & Installation
  • First-Level Testing of New IT Equipment
  • IT Equipment Disposal & Certified Destruction
  • IT Inventory Management
Shredding & eWaste Disposal - TechTeam Solutions Services
Clean. Organized. Secure.

Shredding & eWaste Disposal

Why pay to move trash? Save money on your office relocation, and get a fresh start on office organization by securely disposing of documents and eWaste before you move. Aging documents and outdated electronics create clutter, take up valuable space in your office, and pose security risks. TechTeam Solutions provides secure document shredding and eWaste disposal, reducing risk, lowering moving expenses, and ensuring a clean, efficient move.

Secure Document and eWaste Destruction
Company documents, PCs, hard drives, and other electronics may contain confidential data about your business, employees, customers, or trade secrets. When you’re ready to dispose of old equipment, it’s important to consider the security risks and work with a trusted document and eWaste destruction provider. TechTeam Solutions is NAID AAA Certified for hard drive shredding and R2 Certified for Electronics Recycling. We remove all data, software, corporate identifiers, and asset tags from electronic media, and shred hard drives to ensure that data is not recoverable. Scheduled and supervised privacy destruction is available for documents, objects, or electronic equipment.
Sustainable Electronics Recycling
Recycling used electronics keeps hazardous materials out of landfills, and re-introduces reusable resources into the manufacturing supply chain. TechTeam Solutions provides 100% recycling of materials and equipment and provides your company with a Certificate of Destruction and Recycling upon project completion.
Organized, Efficient Process
Waste removal and destruction is an important part of the moving process, and we factor it into your overall project timeline. We provide onsite and offsite capabilities and will work with your team to determine which option works best for you.
Decommission Services

If you’re decommissioning office equipment and furniture, TechTeam Solutions can help. We provide free walk-throughs and quotations for decommission planning. Our services include Furniture and e-Waste Analysis, Asset Appraisal with text and photo inventories and market book salvage valuations, Asset Removal, and Facility Final Cleaning services. Our experienced decommission team will ensure your assets are disposed of properly, and your facility is cleaned in accordance with your lease departure requirements.

Decommission Services

  • Decommission Planning
  • Furniture and e-Waste Analysis
  • Asset Appraisal with Photo Inventory and Salvage Valuation
  • Asset Removal, Repurpose, and Recycling
  • Facility Final Clean
Shredding & eWaste Disposal Services
  • NAID AAA Certified Hard Drive Shredding
  • R2 Certified Electronics Recycling
  • Certificate of Destruction and Recycling
  • 100% Recycling of Materials and Equipment
  • Onsite and Offsite Capabilities
Low Voltage Cabling Installation and Removal - TechTeam Solutions Services
Move-In or Move-Out, We’ve Got Cabling Covered.

Low Voltage Cabling Installation and Removal

If your business is moving, we can provide low voltage installation for your new office locations—and we can also remove low voltage wiring from your previous office location.

Low Voltage Cabling Installation
Our low voltage cable technicians have the expertise to assist your business with the design and installation of data, voice, and audio/video wiring systems, network cable systems, business phone systems, and VoIP phone systems. We can assist your suppliers with fiber entry, MDF, IDF cable entry, patch panel cable distribution to workstations, and more. Or, we can provide a complete provisioning plan for your low voltage installation.
Low Voltage Cable Removal
When your lease ends, it is important to remove all existing data cabling, leaving your office space in lease-compliant condition. TechTeam Solutions provides low voltage cable removal services, helping to ensure you are able to collect your security deposit at the close of your lease. Our cable technicians will carefully identify your existing cable, remove all terminations, remove cable from all air exchange plenum areas, and remove cable ladders and equipment racks.
Low Voltage Cable Services
  • Low Voltage Cable Installation
  • Low Voltage Cable Removal
  • Data, Voice, and Audio/Video Wiring System Installation
  • Network Cable System Installation
  • Business Phone System Cabling
  • VoIP Phone System Cabling
  • Low Voltage Installation Provisioning Plan

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Low-voltage can be your low-hassle! We make cable installation and plenum removal easy.

Complete low-voltage cable plant design and installation services. Complete lease-compliant low-voltage cable removal, including hardware, from suite and plenum.


Clear your clutter with our secure, certified disposal.

It is essential that a plan exists managing what you dispose of relative to security, privacy, and business information. We provide certified disposal of documents and electronic equipment. Once electronic devices have been securely cleared of data, TechTeam Solutions and Move Solutions ensure their environmentally safe disposal.


Equipment receipt, installation, inventory, and more.

Updating your workstations? TechTeam can work with you to provide receiving, storage, and inventory management of your workstations and equipment. Particularly on large projects, we can manage the removal of your old equipment with the receiving, placement and installation of your new equipment


We Are Server Migration Services Specialists.

With years of experience in server relocation, WE have the expertise to carry out YOUR server relocation project flawlessly, freeing you up to take care of other mission-critical tasks related to the planned relocation of your IT systems. We will walk you through the entire process, with a clear plan laid out to make sure you hit all the key milestones in your server relocation checklist. 


Technology equipment is at the center of everything you do!

We are tasked with taking you out of business and trusted to put you back in business. We are experienced in all kinds of office and PC/server relocations. We make sure your move is executed with precision so that your business is up and running at project’s.