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eWaste Disposal

What questions should you be asking?

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions. Have any more questions? Please call us at 1.800.668.3752 or fill out or contact form here and we will he happy to help.

What types of tech services do you offer?
Our service offering is listed here. Feel free to call us at 1.800.668.3752 for more information, or contact us online.
What do your disconnect/reconnect services include?
First, we disconnect computers and/or other IT items you would like to move. We then label and bag items for relocation. Once the items are moved and placed at their new assigned locations, we reconnect them to power and data. We can often complete reconnection on the same day we disconnect items. In some cases, we may reconnect on the next day. Timing depends on the move plan and scope of work.
How do you protect computers and equipment, so they aren’t damaged during a move?

We use anti-static bags for IT equipment at each end user’s station. For monitors, we use padded bubble sleeves to protect screens.

Is your IT tech team employed, or are they contractors?
They are not contractors. We are the only corporate moving company with an in-house IT tech team.
How do you safely transport servers, computers, and IT equipment?

We have an experienced moving team with responsible drivers, a professional crew, and box trucks equipped with air-ride suspension. After your items are loaded and strapped down, they will receive a gentle, loving airsoft ride to their new home.

What do your Cable Management services include?
We run cable through PC monitor arms and use Velcro to secure cable under stations. In some cases, we may use accessories such as spines, mesh baskets, cable trays, or plastic troughs to store and organize cable neatly.
What is your process when starting a move?
First, we conduct a pre-move inventory. Next, we set bags out to package equipment. Finally, when the crew arrives to begin the move, instructions are provided based on the scope of work.
Can you install cameras and audiovisual (AV) equipment?
Yes. We usually work with a contracted partner for AV installation.
What types of server services do you offer?
We can provide hotshots, un-rack and re-racks, moves from server farms, eWaste, shipping of items if needed, itemization of items, documentation with photos and spreadsheets, crating, and shipping.
Will you let us know if there are any issues with our move?
Yes, of course. We have a punch list to notate any technical or power issues at any station.