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Our focus is on small, medium, and large businesses.

Whether you have a few dozen computers or hundreds of workstations, we can provide an organized, professional team to plan your next move. We will listen to your needs and create a customized plan for your business relocation.

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Our focus is on moving IT equipment carefully.

Our expert IT movers are experienced in carefully packing computers, monitors, and delicate equipment for a safe, damage-free move. We also understand the importance of getting your new office set up and connected quickly, ensuring seamless business continuity.

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Our focus is on enduring relationships.

At TechTeam Solutions, we strive to provide excellent service throughout every step of your business move, in order to earn your continued business. Let us know how we can help with your next project.

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Our focus is on flexible payment options.

We accept payment by check, credit card, and ACH transfer, with easy online payment through our website. Visit our payment page for more information.

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Low-voltage can be your low-hassle! We make cable installation and plenum removal easy.

Complete low-voltage cable plant design and installation services. Complete lease-compliant low-voltage cable removal, including hardware, from suite and plenum.


Clear your clutter with our secure, certified disposal.

It is essential that a plan exists managing what you dispose of relative to security, privacy, and business information. We provide certified disposal of documents and electronic equipment. Once electronic devices have been securely cleared of data, TechTeam Solutions and Move Solutions ensure their environmentally safe disposal.


Equipment receipt, installation, inventory, and more.

Updating your workstations? TechTeam can work with you to provide receiving, storage, and inventory management of your workstations and equipment. Particularly on large projects, we can manage the removal of your old equipment with the receiving, placement and installation of your new equipment


We Are Server Migration Services Specialists.

With years of experience in server relocation, WE have the expertise to carry out YOUR server relocation project flawlessly, freeing you up to take care of other mission-critical tasks related to the planned relocation of your IT systems. We will walk you through the entire process, with a clear plan laid out to make sure you hit all the key milestones in your server relocation checklist. 


Technology equipment is at the center of everything you do!

We are tasked with taking you out of business and trusted to put you back in business. We are experienced in all kinds of office and PC/server relocations. We make sure your move is executed with precision so that your business is up and running at project’s.