pc disconnect & reconnect

PC Disconnect/Reconnect and Computer Moving Expertise

Moving your Personal Office Computers and other Office Tech Equipment is sometimes a complicated job that takes expertise. With TechTeam Solutions, our goal is to give you a care-free move of all your technical equipment. We can have all your tech moved and reconnected before a weekend is up, that way you are ready to hit the ground running in your new office space.

Whether you have a few dozen computers to move or hundreds of computers and work stations we can have a team who is organized and professional plan your next move. Every one of our TechTeam Solutions movers are experienced experts in their field and take care of your equipment to make sure all your tech moving needs are met.

Computer Moving Services

  • Disconnect Computers
  • Reconnect Computers
  • Reconfigure Workstation Computers
  • Cable Organizing
  • Computer Workstation Setup
  • Receive, Stage, Install Monitor Arms