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Shredding, eWaste Certified Disposal

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eWaste Disposal

Premove Shredding, eWaste destruction and Certified Disposal for a Safe and Efficient Office Move.

Every office move includes the adage “Don’t pay to move trash”. Think of the sadness of paying your office mover to “just move everything”, only to realize what is trash as it comes off the truck and has no place in your new business home.

Pre-move Shredding, eWaste Destruction, and Certified Disposal

It is essential that you think through what you dispose of relative to security, privacy, and business “secrets”. Move Solutions and TechTeam Solutions helps you with all of that; we have been “there” thousands of times to your one. Scheduled and supervised privacy destruction; whether documents, electronic equipment, or objects. When electronics have been cleansed of data, Move Solutions and Renewed Solutions then disposes of them in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Move Solutions and TechTeam Solutions offers purging equipment and services for your use BEFORE the move. Gondolas, Purging Bins, insertion of the activity into the master schedule; all important to you reducing your move expense in a expense conscious and responsible manner.

Move Solutions and TechTeam Solutions work together to provide clients with purging of electronic equipment, hard drive destruction and NAID AAA Certified shredding including certificate of destruction.


Shredding “NAID AAA Certified”
Onsite & Offsite Capabilities
Electronic Recycling “R2 Certified”
Hard Drive Shredding
Certificate of Destruction & Recycling
100% Recycled

Decommission Services

We make decommissions easy — and rewarding. TechTeam Solutions, along with its sister company Office Furniture Plus, provides a full range of decommission services, including decommission planning, asset removal, and lease-compliant facility final cleaning. We seek to provide the best service and the best value by disposing of items quicky and securely, reselling assets for market value, and restoring your facility to pre-lease condition, helping to preserve your deposit.

Furniture and e-Waste Analysis
Our Furniture and e-Waste Analysis services help your business dispose of unwanted items easily, responsibly, and economically. Our team will analyze your office furniture inventory to assess its value and determine the cost of removing it. Unwanted electronics, or e-Waste, must be disposed of properly to avoid contamination of landfills, ensure sensitive data is destroyed, and maintain compliance with data protection and environmental legislation. TechTeam Solutions provides NAID AAA Certified Hard Drive Shredding and R2 Certified Electronics Recycling, with Certificate of Destruction and Recycling.
Asset Appraisal
An accurate asset appraisal can shield your business from loss or damage during an office move—and it can also ensure you receive fair compensation for any office property you wish to decommission. TechTeam Solutions provides Asset Appraisals conducted by experienced appraisers, who will provide your business with a thorough, up-to-date inventory of all valuable office property, including photographs, text descriptions, and market book salvage valuations. If your office inventory includes valuable items like heavy machinery, computers, printers, servers, IT equipment and office furniture, an asset appraisal is highly recommended. In the event of loss or damage, your asset appraisal will provide you with proof of value for replacement by insurance. If you are decommissioning tangible office assets, your appraisal will establish accurate resale value.
Asset Removal, Repurpose, or Recycling
After analyzing and appraising your inventory, TechTeam Solutions will remove, repurpose, and/or recycle your unwanted items. If furnishings, IT equipment or other valuable items can be repurposed or resold into the marketplace, we will seek to maximize returns to you. If items cannot be sold, we will seek to donate or recycle them, minimizing environmental impact. By tapping into our network of resellers and recyclers, we are able to resell, repurpose or donate more than 90% of our customers’ inventory.
Facility Decommission Final Clean
Our experienced decommission team will ensure your assets are disposed of properly, and your facility is cleaned in accordance with your lease departure requirements. Facility Decommission Final Cleaning includes removing all equipment and furniture, cleaning floors, and uninstalling low-voltage cabling, to restore your facility to pre-lease condition.
Office Furniture Plus and TechTeam Solutions work together to provide clients with decommission planning, asset removal, and lease-compliant facility final cleaning.

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Low-voltage can be your low-hassle! We make cable installation and plenum removal easy.

Complete low-voltage cable plant design and installation services. Complete lease-compliant low-voltage cable removal, including hardware, from suite and plenum.


Clear your clutter with our secure, certified disposal.

It is essential that a plan exists managing what you dispose of relative to security, privacy, and business information. We provide certified disposal of documents and electronic equipment. Once electronic devices have been securely cleared of data, TechTeam Solutions and Move Solutions ensure their environmentally safe disposal.


Equipment receipt, installation, inventory, and more.

Updating your workstations? TechTeam can work with you to provide receiving, storage, and inventory management of your workstations and equipment. Particularly on large projects, we can manage the removal of your old equipment with the receiving, placement and installation of your new equipment


We Are Server Migration Services Specialists.

With years of experience in server relocation, WE have the expertise to carry out YOUR server relocation project flawlessly, freeing you up to take care of other mission-critical tasks related to the planned relocation of your IT systems. We will walk you through the entire process, with a clear plan laid out to make sure you hit all the key milestones in your server relocation checklist. 


Technology equipment is at the center of everything you do!

We are tasked with taking you out of business and trusted to put you back in business. We are experienced in all kinds of office and PC/server relocations. We make sure your move is executed with precision so that your business is up and running at project’s.