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eWaste Disposal

Delivering Technical Asset Continuity

Today’s businesses rely on technology—and any interruption in service can bring operations to a halt. TechTeam Solutions delivers business continuity by expertly managing the relocation of servers, technology and IT systems. We provide local, regional, national and global solutions for moving technical equipment and systems, including design, inventory management, eCycling/eWaste Services, Low-Voltage Cable Installation/Removal and installation for data, voice, and audio/visual resources.

PC Disconnect & Reconnect

Protect your PCs and get workstations up and running quickly at your new office with our PC disconnect/reconnect services.

IT Moving Services

We can manage every aspect of your IT relocation, from PCs and monitors to phone and data cabling to server relocation.

Server Relocation

Servers store critical business intelligence and sensitive company information. Protect your valuable data with professional server relocation.

Equipment Receiving, Installation, and More

We provide expert receiving, storage, and inventory management for new technology resources, while securely disposing of old equipment.

Shredding, eWaste, and Certified Disposal

Properly dispose of old equipment and files, and securely destroy documents and data with our Shredding, eWaste, and Certified Disposal services.

Low Voltage Cabling Installation & Removal

Whether you’re moving in or moving out, we have cabling covered. Our technicians can install or remove low-voltage cabling for data, audio/video, VOIP, and business phone systems.


The faster your business is reconnected, the sooner you can be up and running in your new location. TechTeam Solutions streamlines business relocations and supports your team by managing all the high-tech aspects of your move.

Why Hire TechTeam Solutions?

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Trusted team of reliable, full-time employees—not temporary contractors

Consistent track record of service and growth for 35 years, with no layoffs icon

Consistent track record of service and growth for 35 years, with no layoffs

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Stability and reach, as one of the five largest moving companies in the USA

multi-generational icon

Commitment of a multi-generational, family-owned and operated firm

strong partner icon

A strong partner—financially secure and debt-free

global service icon

Global service reach, with 59 contracted partners ready when needed

early adopter icon

An early adopter and implementer of the latest and best technology

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More than 200 fully vetted equipment and service providers

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Fully equipped to work with local end-users as well as global enterprise accounts

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TechTeam Solutions, is a Total Office Solution company offering expansive products and services.

We Are Rigidly Adherent to Proven Processes

We follow a proven process with every move, ensuring careful attention to detail and consistent results.

Our Happy Customers

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Customer Satisfaction

Technical Moves

What Our Clients Think of Us

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“TechTeam Solutions helped us move several hundred computers and relocate a server with no hiccups—it was great working with them!”

—John, IT Manager

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“I can’t recommend TechTeam Solutions enough. These guys really know what they are doing. I would use them again in a heartbeat.”

—Joanne, Office Manager

Testimonial 1

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“Our office relocation involved multiple locations and coincided with several major technology upgrades. TTS worked tirelessly with us to anticipate every detail and execute flawlessly. We were back up and running even faster than anticipated.”

—Corporate IT Services VP

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“I had an office full of computer equipment, and with only one person in my IT department, I knew we couldn’t get everything moved without some help. TechTeam Solutions was prompt, professional, and got the job done in plenty of time.”

—Don, Small Business Owner

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Low-voltage can be your low-hassle! We make cable installation and plenum removal easy.

Complete low-voltage cable plant design and installation services. Complete lease-compliant low-voltage cable removal, including hardware, from suite and plenum.


Clear your clutter with our secure, certified disposal.

It is essential that a plan exists managing what you dispose of relative to security, privacy, and business information. We provide certified disposal of documents and electronic equipment. Once electronic devices have been securely cleared of data, TechTeam Solutions and Move Solutions ensure their environmentally safe disposal.


Equipment receipt, installation, inventory, and more.

Updating your workstations? TechTeam can work with you to provide receiving, storage, and inventory management of your workstations and equipment. Particularly on large projects, we can manage the removal of your old equipment with the receiving, placement and installation of your new equipment


We Are Server Migration Services Specialists.

With years of experience in server relocation, WE have the expertise to carry out YOUR server relocation project flawlessly, freeing you up to take care of other mission-critical tasks related to the planned relocation of your IT systems. We will walk you through the entire process, with a clear plan laid out to make sure you hit all the key milestones in your server relocation checklist. 


Technology equipment is at the center of everything you do!

We are tasked with taking you out of business and trusted to put you back in business. We are experienced in all kinds of office and PC/server relocations. We make sure your move is executed with precision so that your business is up and running at project’s.